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Dental Implants Near Crown Point, Indiana

Looking for a reliable dental implant providernear Crown Point, Indiana? Look no further than Schererville Family Dentistry! Our experienced team of dentists, including Dr. Alavanja and Dr. Pieters, specialize in providing high-quality dental implants that look and feel natural. Whether you need a single implant or multiple implants to replace missing teeth, we use the latest technology and techniques to ensure a comfortable and successful procedure. Trust us to restore your smile and oral health with our expertise in dental implants. Contact us today at (219) 322-3232 to schedule a consultation.

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Transforming Smiles with Quality Dental Care

Experience the expertise and trust of Schererville Family Dentistry for a better smile. Call us today at (219) 322-3232 to schedule your dental implant consultation.

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At Schererville Family Dentistry, we offer dental implants to help our customers regain their confidence and achieve a beautiful smile. With our expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we can replace missing teeth with a permanent solution that looks and feels natural. Whether you have one missing tooth or several, we can customize a treatment plan to meet your individual needs. With our commitment to quality and trust, you can trust that we will provide you with the best possible care throughout the entire implant process. Let us help you restore your smile and improve your overall oral health.


At Schererville Family Dentistry, we believe that our patients deserve the best dental care possible. That's why we offer dental implants as one of our services. When you come to us for dental implants, you can trust that our experienced dentists, Dr. Alavanja and Dr. Pieters, will provide you with the highest quality care. With over 25 years of experience each, they have the expertise to ensure that your dental implant procedure is successful and you leave our office with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Plus, with over 100 Google reviews and a 4.7-star rating, you can trust that our patients are satisfied with the results they received. Make an appointment with us today by calling (219) 322-3232, and let us help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.


Q: What are dental implants and how do they work?

We're glad you asked! Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are surgically implanted into the jawbone to support a crown or bridge. They work by fusing with the bone over time, providing a sturdy and permanent foundation for replacement teeth

Q: Are dental implants painful?

We understand that many people are nervous about dental procedures, but rest assured that we take every measure to ensure your comfort during the implant procedure. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, so you shouldn't feel any pain during the surgery. Afterward, you may experience some discomfort or swelling, but we'll provide you with pain relief medication to make you as comfortable as possible.

Q: How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to be a permanent solution to missing teeth. With proper care and maintenance, they can last a lifetime. However, it's important to maintain good oral hygiene habits to ensure the longevity of your implants.

Q: What is the process of getting dental implants?

The process of getting dental implants typically involves several stages. First, we'll perform a thorough examination to ensure that you're a good candidate for implants. Then, we'll surgically implant the artificial tooth roots into your jawbone. After a healing period of several months, we'll attach a connector piece to the implants, which will hold your replacement teeth in place. Finally, we'll attach your custom-made replacement teeth to the connector pieces.

Q: How do I care for my dental implants?

Caring for your dental implants is relatively simple. Just like your natural teeth, you'll need to brush and floss regularly to keep them clean and healthy. In addition, it's important to schedule regular checkups with us so we can monitor the health of your implants and ensure that they're functioning properly.

Crown Point, Indiana is a peaceful suburban city with a population of around 30,000. It boasts a historic downtown area with local shops and restaurants, several parks, and recreational opportunities like the Crown Point Sportsplex and Lemon Lake County Park. As the seat of Lake County, it is home to the popular Lake County Courthouse. Crown Point hosts annual events such as the Lake County Fair and Taste of Crown Point. It is conveniently located near major highways for easy access to nearby cities like Chicago and Gary.

Trust Schererville Family Dentistry for Dental Implantsnear Crown Point Indiana

At Schererville Family Dentistry, we understand that dental implants are a significant investment in your oral health and overall well-being. That's why we prioritize trust in our practice, from our experienced team to our state-of-the-art technology. When you choose Schererville Family Dentistry for your dental implant needsnear Crown Point Indiana, you can trust that you're in the best hands.

We know that dental implant procedures can be intimidating, but our team is dedicated to making your experience as comfortable as possible. Here are four reasons why you can trust us for your dental implant needs:

  1. We have 25 years of experience helping people get better smiles and dental health.
  2. Our team is knowledgeable and caring, and we always put your needs first.
  3. We use advanced technology to ensure precise and effective treatment.
  4. We offer flexible financing options to make dental implants accessible to everyone.

At Schererville Family Dentistry, we believe that trust is the foundation of any successful dental practice. We're committed to earning your trust every step of the way, from your initial consultation to your final follow-up appointment. So if you're looking for a dental implant provider you can trustnear Crown Point Indiana, look no further than Schererville Family Dentistry.

Missing Teeth Replacement

If you have missing teeth, dental implants can be an excellent option for replacement. Unlike dentures, which can be uncomfortable and require adhesive to stay in place, dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and act as a permanent replacement for missing teeth.

The process of getting dental implants typically involves several appointments. During the first appointment, the dentist will assess the patient's oral health and determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. If so, the dentist will then create a customized treatment plan that takes into account the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the patient's overall oral health.

Once the treatment plan is in place, the patient will undergo a surgery in which the dental implants are placed into the jawbone. Over the course of several months, the implants will fuse with the bone, creating a stable foundation for replacement teeth. Once the implants are fully integrated, the patient will return to the dentist's office to have replacement teeth attached to the implants.

Overall, dental implants are an excellent option for missing teeth replacement. They offer a permanent solution that looks and feels like natural teeth. If you are considering getting dental implants, it's important to find a skilled dentist who can guide you through the process and ensure that you get the best possible results.

Why Are Dental Implants Essential for Your Oral Health?

Dental implants are more than just a cosmetic solution to missing teeth. They play a crucial role in maintaining your oral health and overall wellbeing. At Schererville Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of educating our patients about the significance of dental implants.

Here's an analogy we often use to explain the significance of dental implants. Think of your mouth as a house. Each tooth is like a brick that keeps the foundation of the house solid. When one brick goes missing, the foundation weakens, and the structure becomes unstable. Similarly, when you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth start to shift, and the jawbone begins to deteriorate. Dental implants act as a replacement tooth root and provide the necessary support to maintain the integrity of your oral structure. This prevents further damage, such as bone loss and gum recession, and keeps your mouth healthy and functional.

At Schererville Family Dentistry, we offer top-of-the-line dental implants that are both durable and natural-looking. Our experienced team, led by Dr. Pieters, has been helping patients restore their smiles for over 25 years. We understand that each patient has unique dental needs and work closely with them to create a personalized treatment plan. We use the latest technology and techniques to ensure a comfortable and efficient experience.

Don't let missing teeth compromise your oral health. Visit Schererville Family Dentistrynear Crown Point Indiana to learn more about our dental implant services and how they can benefit you.

Why Are Dental Implants Right for Our Needs?

Are you tired of feeling self-conscious about missing teeth and the negative impact it has on your daily life? At Schererville Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of restoring your smile and confidence. That's why we are proud to offer reliable and long-lasting dental implant treatments that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Our advanced dental implant solutions provide a permanent solution to missing teeth, unlike traditional dentures that require regular maintenance and replacement. With our dental implants, you can enjoy your favorite foods without restrictions, speak with confidence, and improve your overall oral health. Plus, our experienced team will ensure that your dental implant treatment is comfortable, safe, and tailored to your unique needs. Don't let missing teeth hold you back any longer, experience the ultimate solution with Schererville Family Dentistry.

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